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Develop a plan for fixing bugs with CM gear


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Ok, you've opened a kind of shopping mall / clothing store and you keep selling broken or defective products.


Everyone's pretty pessimistic that bug fixes for gear are ever coming.


I believe it's because you appear to lack a plan or process for handling the large number of bugs. Out of respect for the players I think you owe it to us to develop and implement some kind of progressive approach to fixing gear issues, especially gear that you sold us in one way or another.


Realistically it would need to be a long term plan because so much of the gear has issues. Also realistically it would have to focus on things that CAN be fixed without rewriting major sections of code. So fixes that would require editing or improving the engine are out.


So what does that leave?


• Weighting (uneven or body type specific weighting issues and in some cases mirrored weights/ everything weighted to only one side)

• Clipping (some clipping issues would fall under weighting as well like the butt clipping on rear loinclothes, eg traditional shadow silk vestaments and the CM chest piece of the same design, the dark initiates robes and on ambitious warrior/aspiring knight's butt as well)

• Texture errors, such as seams or mistextured elements

• Misgendered armors or npcs that are Misgendered when wearing armor

• database / minor coding errors that generate in game issues with gear


Fixes would need testing in game as preview and 3d modeling programs can hide issues that are immediately apparent in live gameplay. I am certain the players could come up with a thorough list for you to build your plan around.

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