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Recruiting: Rusty Resolve Ops Group


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Weekly Progression Schedule for SWTOR Operations




Our progression groups will begin at 8pm EST, please be ready 10 minutes early so that we may begin on time. Here in the Rusty Resolve, we have a number of back-upl members that would like to see end game content, and in order to facilitate those members and increase the probability of operations, the following attendance policy has been put in place:


Members set to attend Operations on a permanent basis are pre-enrolled in to each weekly progression group.

Remaining roles (Tank/DPS/Heal) will be available for sign up as first come, first serve. Please sign up early to help Operations leads in organizing.






The above is a post from our Ops thread.


We are currently recruiting for two healers and two dps. If you happen to be an excellent maurader dps, you'd be making one very happy GM.


I'm reaching out to the community here to find some folks that are middle-to-serious about operation and end game content. I'm looking to add players who are are casual enough to accept a change of plans but serious enough expect the most from themselves and others.


I'm not interested in bullies or prideful types, male or female. If you are prone to poisonous behavior, find somewhere else to enjoy your venom. We have cultivated good community here with the 15 some odd players and are looking to add to that, not take from it.


Send any inquiry to Bleachin on the server, or reply here, and I'll get back when I can.


EDIT: Updated recruitment needs.

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