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Never got around to actually coming back the last time I posted but now it's real, I've finally gotten my Operative & Scoundrel to 60 and I would like to continue to raid on either my Operative or Scoundrel healer but I have every AC available, my past experience on them was 5/5 NiM DF after nerf (had a break when it had NiM power) and 4/5 NiM DP pre nerf (group fell apart with very few attempts at council). All content before that was done.


Basically looking for a 8man group that is going to do the new HM content easily enough and be ready to push at NiM the year later. Although I've seen a lot of groups still aren't even 5/5 HM on some of them so maybe HM is hard now, I myself haven't seen either of these new raids so there is that but mostly 186 gear from pre 3.0.


Reply or PM for more info / interest.


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Hey man. I have a healing spot (NEED A SCOUNDREL)! On my progression team. Was looking for you yesterday. Me, Vaes, Saev, and some others you probably know. Message me at republicgentlemen.com or in-game. We have a raid tonight at 8:00.. going to knock out some HM bosses.
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