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Juggernaut/Guardian's "Through Power/True Harmony" Utility Point Working As Intended?


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This is a murky issue. Is the Juggernaut/Guardian's "Through Power/True Harmony" Utility Point working as intended? Currently it does not remove roots and slows UPON activation. It does, however, make you immune to them DURING the active ability. The tool-tip does not say it will remove roots and slows, only that you are immune to them during the course of the ability. FAIR ENOUGH, BUT:


The Bounty Hunter's "Hydraulic Overrides and the Trooper's "Hold the Line" ability mention nothing about removing roots/slows or purging them: http://www.torhead.com/ability/dJ2mV3l/hydraulic-overrides


However, Hydraulic Overrides does purge and remove roots and slows upon activation, even though there is no mention of this in its' tooltip. So what's the verdict here devs? Is "Through Power" supposed to remove and roots and slows upon activation?


Technically speaking, if I am rooted and slowed during the course of "Through Power", I am not immune. If I am not immune, I don't believe this is working as intended.

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