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Season 4 Teams


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Hi all. I just wanted to get a count of the teams that will be queing for next season along with point of contacts for each guild to help games happen more frequently and encourage multiple guilds to que up. I understand that there is already a thread that has a few teams in it, but no real point of contacts. Plus, other than crescendo, these are the same teams that already have and most likely will still be in queuing once season hits. This is more of an invitation for other guilds that want to do ranked pvp on this lovely pvp server. With that being said, hope we get more teams to que this upcoming season and I guess I will start it off...


Guild: G-QuiT

Faction: Pub

P.O.C's: Rilok, Renpa, Maurice-wan, Treatles

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It's worth discussing hatred assassins and to a lesser extent madness sorcerers. From 2.8-3.0 the server's ranked teams had a sort of unspoken agreement that nobody would run madness assassins due to their unmatched damage and ability to pressure despite their ease of use. I think it's pretty apparent that they've become an even more dominating force in SoR, so much to the point that you're kind of gimping yourself by not running one or even two of the specs.


For diversity's sake it might be nice to reinstate the ban on hatred assassins. Given that madness sorcerers are pulling the same numbers and have great survivability in their own right, I'd be for banning them too. But one thing at a time, I guess.


Seriously, I love playing hatred, it's a fun spec, but I'd rather not have every game become a brainless aoe dotfest.

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That's rather idealistic tbh. I'll start by saying that Hatred and Madness are both very different cases. While I would consider Hatred very powerful, Madness I would consider mid-tier at best. With that said, Matchless has absolutely no interest in implementing such arbitrary rules on classes. We have a Sin that we will be running with and, in the current meta, intend to play him primarily as Hatred.


I have played plenty of double Hatred/Madness comps in the past and have never really minded them. They are strong, of course, but I wouldn't even necessarily agree with them being BiS. I have also seen the videos of the triple Hatred and even 4 Hatred sins and neither strike me as so OP that they would ruin the game.


@OP, below is our team and contact information. Our team doesn't really find Group Ranked particularly more fun than Regs. So we will only be doing Group Ranked once or twice a week. Feel free to contact any of the members.


Guild: Matchless

Faction: Imperial

P.O.C's: Glôry (alt 147), Dey'na, Shi'kari & Honôr (alt 147)

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Last night was pretty great for team ranked. Had 4 teams queuing in the evening, then later at one point had 6 teams going after midnight. Played almost 20 team arenas last night, more that I did in all of season 2...


Great to see so much activity in team ranked, looks like things are alive and well at least for preseason. Hope it continues like this.

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