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Juggernaut/Guardian Rage: Old Set vs New Set Bonus


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Hello folks,


here is one point i wanna discuss with people, who roll rage juggernaut in pvp with effort.


I am on a theory, that the old vindicator set bonus is mightier then the new 3.0. I am actually using the following:


4/4 old vindicator = Intercedes Healing + 10% more damage after Force charge.

and 2/6 new vindicator: Sundering Assault gives 2% dmg for 15 seconds.


Stats are currently focues on Power > Surge (91%), with 1,1k bonus damage from power.

The valuabilty of this setup comes actually from one of these combos


Opener: enrage (3 stacks) > force charge (10%) > raging burst in ya face (hardest hit with 14,5k Damage seen)

In-Fight: enrage or force crush for 3 stacks > Sundering Assault > forche push > force charge > raging burst with total 12% damage bonus + 5% from "Beat down"


Contra: i have to keep 4 armorings at level 158/162 for the old set bonus. This means a leak of stats.


The question: What do you think worths more: the Damage bonus from set or the higher strength in new set

OR maybe you think, new vindicator set bonus is better than old?



I am interested at your response :D

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