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PvE Progression Team Open Recruitment (Republic)


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Hey there Jedi Covenant!


Phalanx Squad is currently recruiting like-minded and capable raiders who are interested in level 60 End Game progression. Phalanx Squad is not a guild but a new team being put together by myself. This will be the third iteration of the team since it was created nearly 2 years ago. The Team will be operating under the Guild banner of Force Disciples but will not be managed or otherwise interfered with by the Guild in any way. With that said people interested in being a part of this team WILL NOT be required to join Force Disciples or leave there current guild.


The kind of players i'm looking to bring in are those who are familiar with the progression mentality. Understanding at times things will not be a one shot and those who are excited and motivated towards meeting the challenge of progression head on. Most importantly i'm looking for people who 'Gear to Progress' not those who 'Progress for the Gear'. Meaning Phalanx Squad will be a friendly environment where people show up to play, first and foremost, and loot is but a happy consequence. Gear will always be there for us to get, the fun comes from the people you spend time raiding with and the challenge of mastering the content. Team cohesion and synergy is extremely important to me.


As of now the intended raid times are Satudray and Sunday from 7PM Est - 10 PM Est. Below are the spots currently open for recruitment. If you are interested in joining please message me --> HERE <-- so we can set up a meet and greet and talk further.


Tank: Unavailable

Tank: Available

mDPS: Unavailable

mDPS: Available

rDPS: Available

rDPS: Available

Healer: Available

Healer: Unavailable


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