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<The Bell Hats> is recruiting for its second progression team


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<The Bell Hats> is a PVE Progression guild on Republic side looking for 1 Tank (Guardian or Vanguard), 2 Healers, and 1 DPS for its second progression team and to venture into 16m content.


Currently we are a late night guild raiding from about 8 EST and on into the night. We use mumble and parsec for all of our raids to increase our performance.


As a guild <The Bell Hats> have cleared:

5/5 TfB NiM (Timed)

7/7 SnV NiM (Timed)

4/5 NiM DF

3/5 NiM DP

1/5 HM ToS

1/5 HM Ravagers


We are a newer guild that met in SWTOR and have accomplished so much in a short amount of time. We have a guild bank with 5 bank tabs, a guild flagship with all 15 rooms unlocked and a guild website.


We look forward to hearing from you though our website at http://thebellhats.enjin.com/ or by contacting Nassor or Mattet in game.

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