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Mirror Classes in both Factions: new content with reduced cost


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The idea is to make available to players of the Republic or Empire, no matter their faction, all the 8 classes availables in the game. The point is to add variety to the existing classes, by adding missing elements like imperial troopers, sis agents, imperial privateers, republic bounty hunters/schismatic mandalorians, fallen jedi, redeemed sith, etc.


Adding any brand new class implies a lot of cost in developing story content for it, as well as new companions. The chance of this happening is very small. Instead, i propose to reuse what is already ingame, in order to bring more variety to both factions.


This is how it would work, i will use the republic trooper as an example:


1) The player must first reach level 50, AND complete the storyline of the trooper class, including all companion conversations. Effectively this means completing everything that appears on the legacy window for that class.


2) The player must pay cartel coins or ingame credits for this unlock.


3) The player character will get a ship used by other class (in this case, an imperial class) or if not, a reskin of the old one, in order to make it look less republic while in the empire. The player character gear that is faction based will automatically convert to the other faction (ex. some trooper armor may become bounty hunter looking). The devs should add armor sets for the trooper to be able to look imperial like the npc troopers seen ingame.


4) The player will leave the republic and join the empire faction. All conversations will now treat the player as imperial, using the closest match available (ex. trooper = imp.agent, smuggler = bounty hunter, etc.) and where necessary, a line or two of dialogue may be added to reference that you switched sides. Many of the class stories ending already hint at the PC looking to work for the other side. In this example, the npcs would treat you 99% of the time like you were an imperial agent (part of the military) and only VERY rarely would they mention that you are actually a former republic soldier.


Voice Acting: the voice actors can be reused, and there is a chance some new lines would need to be recorder, for example: the trooper saying "for the republic" to "for the empire". I´m not sure just how necessary this is, but certainly seems to be an issue worth tracking. Perhaps just the generic lines could serve well enough without going into specifics about faction loyalty.

This helps keeps the costs down for implementing this idea.


The result we have at the end is a lot more variety in each faction. You could see mercenaries/powertechs BH fighting alongside commandos/vanguards Troopers. They are the same class, but use different animations and gear, so there is no overlap, and it brings plenty of extra flavour.


Many missing niches would now be available: do you want to play as a redeemed sith? Say that you really like force chocke, and the idea of playing as a dark jedi, but you don´t like hte animations of the jedi knight class. You can play as a sith warrior and after the story, join the republic, and play as a redeemed sith. There are plenty of examples in Star Wars lore of character switching isdes, even Revan, the icon of this era, is famous for working for both sides, being both a Dart and a Jedi Knight.


I really think this would bring a lot of interest to players, have very little gameplay effect (the classes are all mirrors), and solve some problems like the demand for weapons like assault cannons/snipers being faction locked. The devs could plan new content and drops without making republic and imperial drops different, because all weapons would be present on both sides now.


I hope this idea does not seem too ambitious to you. i really want this game to do well and attract more players, and i think adding "new classes" (mirror ones) would bring a great deal of interest. Players love to customize their characters, and these changes would make reality many character ideas that are just impossible now.

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As much as I'd like to switch sides (my Bounty Hunter is about as anti-imperial as can be), it wouldn't work for the Force-users. Dark/fallen Jedi aren't Sith, there is a lot more to being Sith than just using the Dark Side or doing evil. And while the Jedi could redeem a Sith, it's unlikely they'd let him fly around republic space freely, much less send him on important missions like dealing with the Hutts on Makeb or facing off against Revan.
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I would like to see mirrors playable as the same class... its just cosmetic anyway...


bounty hunters with rifles ( there was cry threads for that )

dark jedi knights - just like Anakin - choking enemies of the republic

sith inquisitors learning jedi ways - living with dream to change empire from inside

trooper with double blasters ( all Rex fans happy )


all combos looks nice to me... jedi/sith combo looks good with proper light/dark level ofcourse :)

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