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Returning Player but still New


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I played the game for about a month and got my Sith Juggernaut to lvl 37 and a Jedi Shadow to lvl 10. I got tired of the game but now I've decided to come back. Would like to make new friends and join a guild soon. My Sith is 'Altairz' and my Jedi is 'Jerender'. I'm on the Prophecy of the Five server. I guess my play style is to chill out and talk with guild/friends and to PVP. Often telling the losing team they got "rekt" and to "get good" haha. I've been wanting to make a good PVP guild on here since I played last that'll be well known on whatever server its on but haven't so far. I've been looking for a replacement game since pirates of the Caribbean online shutdown. So whats up? :cool:
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