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Star Wars: The Old Republic: The Apocalyptic Ending


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AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story serves as the final cut-scene for the 4.0 expansion pack that will be released next year. In this universe, the Emperor plans to begin his ritual in the ruins of Malachor V, a place of nothingness and everything, agony and peace. In the Imperial version, the player character and the Dark Council rush to stop the Emperor. After he is defeated, this is what happens. May the Force be with you...


The final essence staggered back as waves of raw dark energy radiated and unleashed around the sacrificial enclosure in the depths of the ruins of the Malachor V. He roared in anguish and despair as the pulses of power became stronger, obliterating and annihilating the walls and floor. His power was fading, and the Wrath knew what he must do. With Darth Marr still unconscious behind him, the once loyal executioner of the Emperor charged at the terrible entity. Ripples of pain began coursing through the Wrath's mind as the one before him unleashed a devastating assault on his attackers. His movement became slower, his power became out of reach, and his body refused to carry onward through the void of darkness. He dropped to his knees, ultimately surrendering himself to history's ultimate villain. The aberration of darkness once known as Vitiate gazed into the eyes of his betrayer, then summoned a wave of lightning to crush his foes one final time and save himself from perhaps inevitable death.


The crackling strings of white light, coursing together into a singular orb of destruction, came at the defenseless Wrath. The flooring of the ancient facility was consumed as it moved. The Wrath turned to see his companions and allies, struggling to even rise due to the sheer power weighing down on their minds. He felt the warmth of death scorch his cheek, but the sensation went away as fast as it came. He gasped in awe as a spirit in front of him gathered and redirected the energy back onto the unsuspecting Emperor. The void eyes of the essence grew as his attack pounded into himself, releasing an array of energy that caused the entire planet to shake. He flew backwards as mountains became to crumble, eventually crashing into the flooring. The Wrath no longer felt the void of darkness etching into his soul, the spirit's presence protected him from any harm. The manifestation of the cloak figure who saved him, donning a transparent, bluish glow, turned to him. He saw the mask of a Mandalorian. The former Prodigal Knight has come.


"Go!" he yelled, his voice distorted by the dark energies gathering around him. "You have done enough, his final body is destroyed I will finish this."


Rage and disbelief flooded over the Wrath instantly. "Never! I have come too close to let you ruin all I worked for." He tried to rise, but the energies of the Emperor consumed him and pressed him back down. His protector has stopped guarding him.


"If you don't leave now, you will die," Revan warned, "Many battles you still have, Wrath." He turned back around, now facing and engaged with the Emperor in a battle of fates.


"He is right, we must leave," came the voice of Darth Marr from behind, slowly rising. The Wrath went to counter his statement, but he was unable to react with the nothingness closing over him. Darth Nox and the rest of the Dark Council, all in which participated in the downfall of Vitiate, steadily agreed with a nod and made for the exit. A Imperial Shuttle was waiting closely next to the battle in case a desperate escape was necessary for survival. The Wrath slowly stood once again, turned to Revan, then eventually made his way away, his back turned to the most powerful beings in the galaxy unleashing all in the final battle. It didn't matter though, he was hate incarnate. He would slay death herself if needed.




Revan was in unbearable agony, his spirit slowly being destroyed and shredded as he tried desperately to absorb the energies of the Emperor. He now finally understood why they had to try to stop him on Yavin IV: he was no match for the Emperor. The manifestation of evil in front of him was the most dominating force in history, in eternity. Despite resisting the Emperor and his Dread Master's effects for 300 years, he now understood he was merely played with, manipulated, used as a pawn like a child's plaything. Revan was slowly being pushed back, his will no longer able to continue. When all seemed lost, a voice came.


"We are with you, be strong," a voice said. He immediately recognized it, it was that of his former ally, and friend, Meetra Surik. Her spirit came into view beside him, redirecting a portion of the Emperor's energies to herself to ease Revan's pain.


Another spirit formed into view beside Meetra Surik. "Do not give in to his anger," spoke another familiar voice. Juhani served alongside Revan 300 years prior during the search of the mystical Star Forge.


"Together we can beat him!" yelled another ghostly figure on the other side of Revan. Like Juhani, Jolee Bindo was another Jedi companion of Revan's during the Jedi Civil War.


"The light," spoke a female voice, confident and surprisingly young. Revan's heart dropped at hearing the voice he had sacrificed nearly everything to save. Like the rest, she gathered and harnessed energies away from Revan.


The final voice, spoken crisply and darkly beneath a cybernetic jaw, nearly put Revan in shock "And the darkness," came Darth Malak, slowly walking alongside Revan as he unleashed a barrage of Sith Lightning at the Emperor.


Meetra Surik, Juhani, Jolee Bindo, Bastila Shan, Darth Malak, and Revan: all united in a colossal force of power as they unleashed their strength against the Emperor. "Let us finish this then!" declared the lead figure.




Nothing remained of the world where Revan last walked, it was consumed in a blast of raw power as the Emperor uttered his final words in disbelief. The spirits of all those who fought to save the galaxy that day were destroyed alongside everything else in the system, forever standing alone. Their message of sacrifice and triumph lived on though, as did the name of the savior, conqueror, hero, villain: Revan.

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