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Forget class balance for now, please just balance numbers


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For the past while, at least one WZ out of every Daily that I do basically allows the warzone to continue even though one side did not have as many players as another. Mainly this occurs in arenas where the match continues even though one team only has 2-3 players show up. I'm curious as to why the arena continues with such an obvious mismatch. I understand if after one round a player rage-quits because he lost and is a coward, that you don't penalize the other team. But when a full team doesn't even show up in the first place? I think the best thing there is to just shut it down, give each team credit for 1 wz and put them back in the queue at the top.


It has also occurred in others. For example, on the ancient hypergate wz. One team had a full 8 players. My team had 3 players. No other players showed up. We got the message "unless someone joins in 30s the wz will shut down". Ok, so the timer ticks down. No other players show up. We cap our pylon first, don't immediately rush into battle. After 30s, instead of shutting down it suddenly says "tie-breaker-first team to cap pylon wins". Ummm, ok. So does that mean we win cause we capped first? Apparently not. The WZ continues, so I guess it means whoever caps NEXT wins. Well that is nice. By now 7 of 8 opposing players have hunted us down, but don't seem to really push to cap our pylon. Then after a while of this, it suddenly says again "unless no one joins, this wz will shut down in 30s" This time mercifully the wz ends after 30s.


All class balance issues aside, I would like to at least make sure that these types of imbalances are corrected. They lead to less than pleasant experiences while pvp'ing, and don't promote any kind of "I lost but I'm going to keep practicing and get better and win next time" thinking.

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After returning after a year absence I have noticed that this happens more frequently than a year ago.


My personal theory: In order to get queues popping sooner; EA made an adjustment to start the WZ when teams reach 75% capacity with the expectation that the other 25% wll be queuing soon and be joining.


What happens is in this situation a WZ pops with 6 players on one side for a 8 player WZ. Then a pre-made in the queue decides to leave the queue rather than enter the WZ for whatever reason. This leaves the team with 2-4 players and causes the problem.


What EA didn't consider is that due to their negligence with PVP the queue population has declined and so the WZ's don't always fill up quickly enough leading to the OP complaint. It's amazing how even though I am on a "heavy" server during an afternoon I will play with many of the same people over and over on a solo queue. Sadly, there just aren't many left compared to a year ago. It's the biggest difference I see.


Again, just my own personal opinion/theory.

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