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A look at PvP from a returning veteran PvPer


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I think the biggest issue is how much importance people place in the end game numbers of an 8v8. Who cares about damage, healing, or protection in an objective based match. This need to have "high" numbers leads to many incompetent objective based PvP players. People get so tunnel vision that they don't realize they need to score in hut ball or setup passes, cap a point or defend a point, survive and minimize kills in hyper gate.


If you care so much about stats then keep the argument within the realm of ranked PvP. While there are things that are frustrating about Sorcs in both Ranked and Unranked PvP, I do not believe they are better than any of the other strong classes. I say strong classes because jugs sins and pts can all be apart of this club. These classes also have very frustrating aspects to them if you break them down. Honestly we just need to get marauders snipers and mercs up to the same level of play. It's unfortunate that an underpowered class has to ask for 1-5 nerfs on other classes rather than asking for a buff to their own class. Eliminating parts to any or all of the "strong" classes would simplify PvP and dumb down the fighting, which is sickening and uncompetitive. We are trying to raise the bar of game play not bring it down to the weaker classes. Commandos slingers and sentinels need to be heard and given a slight increase to the complexity of their game play.


My background is having played the game at launch and now returning after a 2 year break. I am an avid PvPer, where I play a gunslinger, vanguard, and healing sage. I have consistently been playing ranked and Unranked PvP since 3.0 released and have found it to be in a much better state than 2 years ago. The complexity of each class makes it easy to see dominance from great players and failure from baddies.


People need to unify and push for balance for commandos sentinels and slingers rather than slowly lowering the bar class by class with unnecessary nerfs. We have come so far, please do not bring the game down a notch by asking for nerfs rather than buffs where needed.

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