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[IMP] PvE Progression Team Seeking Tanks


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Hey everyone,


Demented Asylum, a newly formed Empire guild of friends and raiders, is looking for two tanks to fill out our progression raid team. Our goal is too gear up our characters through Story Mode, level 60 OPs and work through the Hard Mode versions. We also hope to eventually tackle the Nightmare versions when they are released.


We are looking for anyone with at least some experience raid tanking, or possibly looking to learn, but experience is appreciated! (Note, if looking to learn, please be open to criticism and suggestions! We do really want to help, but you have to let us!) We would also appreciate it if those interested would have at least 186 gear (180 armorings for set bonuses, or 180 enhancements are also great!). We will be using Raidcall for communication in our raids, which I know many may dislike, but it is necessary.


We are also happy to acknowledge any interest other than tanks, but please note that we cannot necessarily garauntee you a spot in a raid at this time! Hopefully, with time, we may be able to do so!


Currently, our raid times would be Thursday at 7pm server time (EST), and around the same time on Saturdays. Our clean-up day (if necessary) will be Sunday. These may be subject to change, of course, due to the mystical wonders of the real world (unfortunately).


Feel free to contact us through whisper or mail in game if interested!


Contacts: Thesalus





Thank you for your time!

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