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<Spice Anonymous> looking for PVP members


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<Spice Anonymous> is a Republic guild seeking members who like to PVP. Most PVP takes place in low level brackets up to 59. We do not do ranked at the moment but may.


We are looking for mature players, and by mature I mean over 18, but it is not required that you act mature :) We are HEAVY on VENT, which makes PVP fun. Usually we use it only for PVP or PVE so it is not a requirement, but highly suggested if you want to PVP with us.


Most of the group are mature players with family and kids so if you have to AFK to change a diaper we totally understand. It is also required that you have a sense of humor, because we all do and some of us have more of a sick sense of humor then others :) We do not RP as a guild but it is not discouraged. Some people RP here and there.


Our sister guild on the Imperial side is also recruiting <Spice Addicts>


PVE is something we do here and there but we do not take it seriously, just have fun.


Please post here if you are interested, or contact Zurelda, Deidus'scral, Moonwi, Groncin, Wravon, or any member for an invite.


On the imp side you can contact Zur'ale,Tevys, Gheylord, Vinzod, Vexrath

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