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Jetpacks, again! #*%&#(&^($


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Okay, so I know some jet packs just don't work and others do... I'm annoyed by it that they don't all work as actual jet pack... at least with regards to exhaust flames. But I get pissed when they start messing up existing gear that DID work or act properly... as if we don't have non-functional jet packs enough already, or belt ornaments getting hidden because robe types get changed...




Mandalorian Clansman's set. Jet pack has always worked for 50% using rocket boost and during healing it worked 100% correct... apart from some minor alignment issues at least. Now? Completely broken, doesn't do **** anymore... just non-functional decoration.


Seriously, Bioware? Can't you at least try and keep the things that aren't broken, working as intended? Stop fiddling with re-using model parts if you can't disconnect the actions/behavior of the new parts from the original model.


EDIT: Wasn't there a thread at one time listing all the gear with jet packs and mentioning which ones were kaput?

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