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New Republic Role-Playing Group


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Greetings SW:ToR Community! Myself and two others are looking for one more person to do some heavy role playing with. We would like to create a role playing group and use it to level. The plan is to have four people, one of every class and have the standard group (1 tank, 2 dps, 1 healer). We will level with normal content, all take a part in others class quests, tackle all the flashpoints as they come, and vote on which side quests we will do that matches the desires of the group and our characters. The idea is to not play on these characters unless everyone is on so we all experience the content together. Decisions will be made as a group and we will roughly define backgrounds of characters, and what our goal is in the galaxy.


We will be playing the Bastion, but we are all starting fresh. All of our mains are on the Harbinger. We are not transferring legacies so we will be starting completely fresh and prefer our fourth to do the same, but we are not picky. (We prefer it to be your first character on this server so we are not able to cheat in ways such as sending money or gear from alts.) We are really aiming for an authentic, original experience.


The three people already involved are very knowledgeable in the game. We are members of a very small guild called <Ewoks in a Bar> on the Harbinger. We are mostly casual players as our guild is too small to do any sort of progression material. We are extremely tight knit, but definitely not closed off to new people. We are doing this so we have something new to keep us busy and allow us to enjoy the core of the game as a group, we are interested in getting at least one high level toon on a different server, and so we can be immersed in the story. If you are tired of the normal grind of leveling, or would like to see all the Republic stories in the game again, this would be a great opportunity for you. We do require TeamSpeak which we provide. The rest is pretty open.


This won't be a quick process. We are on just about every night, but we will simply do this when everyone is on. We will not make plans to do this daily, but instead, we will play when convenient, so it is important to have other characters to keep you busy when someone is not on, though I do not think this will be a huge problem. If you're interested, let me know!

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