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560Ti or 6950


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I've used both, Nvidia drivers/software always seem to manage better than AMD in my experience. If you're looking at pure performance, they're pretty much equal.


You're only likely to see some minor differences in benchmarking. I'm using 6950 2gb atm and in swtor the shadows bug-out my FPS (games fault, not the card) every other game I can have games maxed out with 60FPS constant without any issues.


That said, the 6950 is a tad cheaper and makes more sense to buy. Just remember to get the 2GB version that's been pumped up a bit. The MSI Frozr III is a good buy for the extra £15.


Good luck! =)




My Specs FYI:


i5 2500K (OC @ 4.6Ghz)

8GB DDR3 (1600Mhz)

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As mentioned bang per buck the 6950 is a brilliant card. I had to way up the choice myself. I run mine with everything on full at 1920x1200 and its perfect. The MSI mentioned has a small overclock which brings it more in line with the nvidia card mentioned. If not super-seeding it in some tests. The MSI I got a few weeks ago came with a redeem code for Dirt 3 as well, not sure if that helps sweeten the deal but a free game is a free game and Dirt is a good racer.
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