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Stronghold - Interior Decorator


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Today I purchased my first stronghold, on Dromund Kaas. I like it, but there is a lot of space, & it will take time to fill. One of the first things that occurred to me though, was it would be interesting if there were an "interior decorator" function, that would enable people to decorate their stronghold &, once complete, essentially save it as a design template, which could then be sold to other players for either cartel coins or in-game credits. The value would be comprised of the time & effort taken to create the design (up to the designer, or market value), plus the total cost of the decorations.


Actually, at this point in time I do not even know of the ways in which decorations are obtained. I don't like to do this, but I will assume that decorations can be purchased from fleet/cartel, or from other players (crafted), or perhaps also from events/quests/drops. This suggestion kind of depends on the validity of this.


The way I see this functioning, is that there would be a sandbox interface which gives you access to:

A) All of the available strongholds

B) All decorations that can be purchased

C) All decorations that you have crafted & are stored in one of your inventories (assuming you can craft them)

D) All other decorations that you may have, & which are able to be traded.


From within this interface, the decorator could decorate a stronghold & save it (they could be opened & saved later too). This could then be sold to another player, who could apply it to their own stronghold, fully decorating it instantly.


*Any decorations which have been crafted by the decorator would be saved with the design (i.e. removed from their inventory).

*There should be no way for someone to open this design & resell it. This means the design could not be duplicated, nor could it be traded.

*The decorator should not need to purchase any cartel decorations prior to saving the design - these would be purchased by the player at the time the design is applied to their stronghold (they would be aware of the cost beforehand).


If the costs involved in something like this are too prohibitive for the average player, then potentially that would prove this suggestion to be not worthwhile. I mean, if a decorator priced up a design to be (let's say) $1M plus 10K CC, then the majority may not be interested. So I don't really know what the costs would be. However something like this is worth putting out there, I think.

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