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New Cartel Armor Suggestion!


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Hello all,


Over the past 2 years of playing SWTOR I have seen some armor sets that have become available from various starwars lore and suggestions so I thought, why not have the armor set from the Bounty Hunter class trailer become a cartel item?

I remember after seeing Boba and jango Fett I have always admired Mandalorian style armor, however when I saw the armor set and the BH wearing it in the class trailer it was the first set I liked just as much if not more than the Mando armor! I know there are already armor sets that look like it, however not in the same color scheme and look. The trooper and other class armors already exist on the market (eg. the jedi battlemaster gear) which Ven Zallow wears. I would love to see the exact armor set from the BH class trailer become available in one of the future Cartel packs so I can wear it.


Thumbs up if you agree!!

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