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Stock Evening on POT5 JAN 17th


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Stock Evening

DATE: JAN 17th

TIME: 9-12 EST





All ships allowed provided they have stock components and crew. You may swap copilot.


If you are interested, please reply to this forum with your player name for the event. It would be nice if people made a new alt with the word stock in it so everyone knows you're in the stock night. For example, my alt will be named Yallia-stock. Also, if you reply to this thread with your stock names, you will be entered into a sweepstakes for a cartel market ship. I'll randomly pick a winner and that person can pick any cartel ship of their choice. You can pick what toon you want the ship sent to--doesn't have to be a POT5 toon.

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What ships are allowed on stock night is it possible to use a stock onslaught


All ships are allowed as long as they are kept stock. Also, everyone who's been given their player name will be entered for the CM ship raffle (unless they requested not to be entered).

See you guys tonight!

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So glad I saw this thread in time! Though I will likely not be able to fly for the entire time the event is going on I plan to attend tonight for at least an hour or two.

My POT5 stock name will be Impstocksback (I'll plan on flying on the imp side but if pubs are in need of another body I'd be happy to roll a second alt to fly pub side mid-event if needed/requested).

Looking forward to seeing you all up there -good luck and good hunting everyone!

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