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<Transcendence> - “To courageously step through fear and pain..."


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“To courageously step through fear and pain is to step into transcendence”


(Empire|RP|PVP|PVE| US East Coast)


Name: Transcendence

Server: JungMA (RP/PVP)

Alignment: Empire/Neutral

Type: RP/PvP/PvE

Officers: Sranishor, Deceptus, Zel’shata, Qadarie, Ffayr, Berec

Recruitment Officer: N/A

Recruiting: Mature Players (18+) - Open, ALL CLASSES

VOIP: Teamspeak3

Forums: Chatbox, Forum RP, OOC Discussion, etc.

Timezone: Eastern



Transcendence is an RP/PvP/PvE guild that focuses on all play-styles, both hardcore and casual. While we are still relatively new, our core members have been playing the game since launch and have over a decade of combined experience in leading successful guilds.


Our goal is to provide a fun and engaging environment for all of our members. We offer rewarding Roleplay experiences with thought out guild stories, back stories, dice roll systems, and operational frameworks. We are also focused on PvP and dominating the battlefields, whether they are warzones, ranked matches, or open world we strive to make a lasting impression on all those who meet our blades and blasters.


How to Join:

The easiest way to join us is to visit our website and forums at http://www.guildoftranscendence.enjin.com and register as a user. Fill out a short application and let us get to know what type of player, person or even character you are! Our guild is built on friendship and this makes it easier for us to get to know you, as a person behind a computer screen rather than a number on a roster.


Once your application has been accepted you will go through a trial phase. During your trial phase you will be able to access larger portions of our website and participate with the rest of the guild in major guild storylines, warzones, raids and will also gain access to our teamspeak. After a month has passed and you have proven yourself to the leadership, you will become an official member of our community. From there you can progress through the ranks of Transcendence and grow your own personal power and prestige.


What We Offer:

Teamspeak3 server

Events Calendar

Active RP community

Family friendly environment

Dedicated leaders

Active forums and website

In Game support

Casual PvE setting

Active PvPers


What We Look For:


Active players

Friendly, respectable and social

Dedicated Members



About Transcendence:

Transcendence is an autonomous organization comprised of members who have ties to both the Empire and the Republic. Transcendence is bound together under the ideology that both the Empire and the Republic are flawed and the path to true enlightenment can only be achieved through personal realizations and not the dogmatic views of the Jedi, Sith, Empire, or Republic.


We believe elements of various beliefs can be incorporated into one, but it is up to individual to decide what suits them best.


We strive to better ourselves and at times guide others to true understanding. While embarking on our quest for personal power and transcendence we also take an active role in guiding the fates of others in order to gradually shape the face of the Galaxy into our own vision.


Types of RP to expect:

Transcendence welcomes all styles of RP traits and preferences. Below is a list of what RPs you may encounter as a member.


∙ Infiltration

∙ Interrogation

∙ Diplomacy

∙ Political Intrigue

∙ Strategic Planning

∙ Combat Training (Both IC and OOC)

∙ Force Lessons

∙ Technical Challenges

∙ Combat using our custom Dice System and Character Sheets


Though we have Force Users, the focus of the guild is not on the force and its practices. All classes and all Roleplay styles are encouraged to join.



Transcendence is organized by job duties both in-character and out-of-character. Our ranking system is guildwide and directly influences our members’ RP character sheets. As you gain power within the guild, it will be reflected in Roleplay. For more information please see THIS link.

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We now also have an event scheduled for June 27th, which is open to anyone wanting to attend, either faction.


It'll have outfit contests, and an RP date auction.


The main community page will show the proper date as soon as I can get hold of a forum moderator.

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