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Sure, basically once you get to the end of act 1 of your storyline, which is around level 30-32, you will be able to choose a legacy name, a box will pop up with a similar picture to the initial loading screen of the game.


This choice, like the adv class is a permanent choice it cannot be changed so choose carefully. The legacy name also covers all characters on your account on that single server.


You can then either have it turned off or you can have it displayed in a couple of ways.


<title> charactername <legacyname>


or you can have it as a title beneath your character name/title which will read like 'The Legacyname Legacy'


You'll also get another xp bar at the bottom and earn legacy xp in addition to normal xp, and a legacy system tab will appear on the talent window, but this is all awaiting future features.

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