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A few ideas that myself and some other players have discussed multiple times


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So over the course of the game since it was released, several players and I have discussed things we'd like to see and here are a few.


First, more playable races such as Keldor, Togruta, and Kaleesh which could be released via the cartel market to add an additional depth of life to the galaxy.


Second, replacing the holograms of companions in the strongholds to the actual companion as players have customized them. We as players have put just as much time into our companions if not more and we want people to be able to see our version of the companions.


Third, a lightsaber wielding companion based off of either the Guardian/Juggernaut or Sage/Sorcerer. The Inquisitor and Jedi Knight both get two companions wielding sabers and some of us feel we should be able to get an additional as well, preferably male as the other half of saber classes already have female force companions.


And finally, add some additional starships that players can purchase to give more levels of individuality. Also possibly turning the space sectors into open flying areas so players can fly the ships and get more into the world and fly between planets in a system if they choose or just lightspeed to it. There are some great game mechanics that could go with it, like player run planetary blockades.




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