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Imperial agent story


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Time of Incident: around 11:00 PM CST

Character name, class, level and server: Miszorynka,Imperial Agent - Operative, Lvl 17, Tomb Of Freedon Nadd

Area this occurred: Dromund Kaas


A detailed description of your issue.


I cannot progress in my storyline.


I am on the mission "The Slave's Secret." The first time I went into the bunker I defeated the Slave Leader and talked to him. At the end of the conversation I chose the Dark Side option and killed him. After the dialogue ended, the Slave Leader was still alive and my mission still says "Speak to the Slave Leader." The NPC was green and not aggressive, but I could not start another dialogue with him.


I left the bunker and went back in. The Slave Leader was red again. I defeated him, but could not initiate dialogue. I tried leaving and coming back once more, but now the Slave Leader is always friendly and will not talk to my character. I am still on "Speak to the Slave Leader" in The Slave's Secret mission.

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