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Flight Firefight Night (GSF) - every Wednesday 8pm - 1am!


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Eclipse Squadron, the largest GSF guild on The Ebon Hawk (perhaps on any server), will be queuing en masse every Wednesday from 8pm to 1am, EST.


Our hope is to form the kernel of a wide queuing effort on The Ebon Hawk, to both teach and encourage new pilots, and to keep veterans energized into the new year.


If we face serious, consolidated competition, we may superqueue in response, but in general we will be trying to fly in smaller wings of 2-3 Eclipse Squadron pilots, who can then help carry and teach newer pilots.


Pilots from other servers are welcome, though I would say the spirit of this event is not "super serious", at least not yet. Instead, we are trying to "keep the flame burning" on GSF--especially for new pilots--as we enter the new year.


As always, if you are interested in joining Eclipse Squadron, visit the link in my signature!


If you're interested in just participating, be sure to just /cjoin Gsf and let the others on the channel know!

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Saberwing - the largest GSF guild for the Republic - heartily supports this event!


If you are looking for a group you can do a /cjoin GSF (this works for both Republic and Imperial sides) or a /cjoin SBR (Pub side) to ask for a group. Groups of 4 will be balanced to have newer pilots paired with those with more experience within our ops groups.


Our voice chat will be available for this event as well. Saberwing TS Info: sabercult.com pw: darkbluecheese


Looking forward to flying with and against you folks!

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Our first night was a great success last week! Please join us tonight again!


Remember, our purpose is not to just have vets against vets stomping everyone else. We'll try to build mixed groups of veterans and aces and new pilots!


Your easiest way to get into a flight group is to /cjoin Gsf and ask!

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