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Extra Lag Tonight?


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IDK about everyone else, but several people on both sides (Imp/Pub) are experiencing massive lag this evening (12/29/14 747pm central time). It's so bad that I'm actually dying from regular quest mobs, unable to learn new crew skills for long periods or any period of time due to the lag, yet the mobs are continually hitting my character and I get the message that I've already learned X ability when it's still showing as learnable on my screen.... The lag has been bad for a while now, since early release of SoR, and for a SHORT time, it seemed like it might get better, then suddenly, it's worse, and worse, and now yet worse. I really figured that this last week's patching would have fixed it, and also figured that it would be something very important to BW to fix, but it seems that they are ok with the lag? It's making it very difficult to play. Not impossible, but very difficult and super frustrating. I truly hope they fix this asap, because I really don't want to play until it is fixed, it's just too frustrating.
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