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More Mini Bosses


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It's great that we have all these daily areas but what would be nice in each of these daily areas there be a mini boss similar to Tobirro's courtyard or the boss at the Gree and rakgoul event where you group a group of 8 or 16 and a short 15min fight and good to go.


The only reason doing ops or mini bosses like this is the ultimate comms. But I think these bosses should drop rare mats and even maybe a stack of 5 or 10 of those items you cash into the jawa junk vendors for mats. Or maybe rare new schematics of the old cartel gear that is just sitting around. It's sometimes hard to get a group together at times for a raid that last a couple of hours so it would be nice to have a series of bosses like this that you can get a group together and do one boss even and then if time move onto another planet another daily area for a new boss.


I know it sounds similar to Workd bosses but the world bosses are open to the world and spawn times kinda suck so having it instances like TOborros courtyard would be a good way to run this. Maybe have a daily area on HOTH where it's a giant wampa. Or on tatooine and the boss is a tusken raider riding a bantha and maybe a few waves of elite tuskens before the boss. Just a quick boss fight that's it.

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