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Some people does not realize this is actually a MMO


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So I was at a mission objective where I need to kill a boss, but when I got there he is not there and 1 person was there waiting for him.


I invite him to group with me, he does not respond, so I send him a message, told him to join up so both of us get the the objective, he still does not respond, so I assume he have chat turn off or something.


A minute later another person show up, I invite him to group and he accepts, we then waited a while until the boss spawned, and my group got the kill.


Next thing I know, the original guy I offer to group with convo me back and told me how rude I am, I should wait in line etc... I told him, I freaking offered you to join the group so everyone gets the credit, but you are the one refuses, do you really expect me to wait for you when you do not even respond to any of my messages or invite?


I am just saying, some people does not realize they are playing an MMO.

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