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"Three Not So Little Grophets" Achievement || Coalition Landing Zone, Y4


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As many of you are aware, this acheivement & the corresponding tittle reward is bugged.


By instructions of my previously submitted CS ticket #14683476, I am reporting this bug to the official forums!


I expect that it - along with the rest of the secret achievements that eventually lead to the Datacrons on Rishi - will be fixed simultaneously.


I'd hope that anyone, myself including, who has completed the "Three Not So Little Grophets" achievement will be granted it & the title upon the patch, as I am certain no one wants to go through that hunt again.


It would also behoove the devs to set the data packets looted from the Grophets as either mission items or non-trash items.




A suggestion - set the coalition LZ on Yavin IV as a safe zone. Flagged players have been standing over top of the shared taxi service NPC & force others to attack them instead of traveling. This hasn't happened to me personally, but I have not heard the end of it yet on GenChat. It would be an easy fix.


Thanks for reading!

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Thank you for addressing this issue with the upcoming patch, especially the Yavin IV LZ being changed to a Sanctuary.


Again, I sincerely hope that for those who have completed the Three Little Grophets hidden achievements will NOT be required to do so again, & that the said achievements & corresponding title will be granted upon the fix. It would be inappropriate indeed to ask players to do so again as it is an incredibly time consuming quest.

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