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Returning as a Sage


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Already bored with WoD, and after a lengthy hiatus from SWTOR I've decided I need to get back to it. I leveled several characters up to 50 in the past, but am leaning toward playing my sage (lvl 20) to break myself back into the game before continuing on to the new content. I'm not really all that interested in grinding through all of the same content I did several times before and was considering healing my way through most of it via PvP, FPs, etc. I would still like to progress through the story, since it's my favorite aspect of this game, and am unsure whether or not it's possible without working my way through all of the zones. Ultimately, I want to heal end game content once I get there, and I'd really like to learn my craft as I work my way there, instead of frustrating others while learning on the fly at level cap. Is this a reasonable goal, or will the process simply be far too lengthy or arduous to attempt?


Thanks in advance for any constructive input.

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