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Can we please be able to play level 50-59 content in the Group Finder Again?


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55 HMs should be in their own category seperate from lvl 60 HMs and still queueable 56-60


55 Tacticals should be in the same category as Battle of Rishi and Blood Hunt...because of the CZ weekly and only 2 FPs is not enough variety .

A lvl 60 doesn't makes the 55 tacticals too "easy" because they were a cakewalk to begin with at 55. (with somebody speccing healer you can even ignore most of the mechanics and breeze through.....)


edit: Oh it's going to be changed :D Great news

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Your wish is somewhat granted.


... Well, I guess that's good news.


Just dissapointed that BW's underutilizing some systems(Companions, Bolster, etc.)


It would be cool to see an Op where everyone could have a comp out. That would be... 16 people, 1 comp for each...


32 "player" raids. Lol.

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