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55+ Synthweaving/Armortech diversity non-existant?


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Other than the names and colors, it seems most of the 55+ items for Synth and Armortech look almost exactly alike. Or am I missing something?


I really like the crafting in SWTOR, having achieved Master Craftsman prior to SoR. But I'm a little disappointed with the diversity of design post level 55. Only a little mind you, it seems the RE's are more frequent now, which is a great relief.



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Yeah. I haven't been terribly impressed with the design choices of craftable armor.


One of my pipe dreams (which would probably never be implemented as it would cut across the Cartel Market) is for Armormechs / Synthweavers to be able to R/E any white/green/blue armor in the game and learn the schematic for an orange shell of the same look.


Armormechs for Cunning / Aim gear, and Synth for Strength / Willpower gear.


When I leveled my Operative, I found this green Imperial Officer's uniform that I liked so much, I kept using it 15 levels past it's usefulness. Would have been great to have it as a moddable item.

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