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Leagcy Cargo Hold Tabs


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First I would like to yell from the mountain top how much I love the Legacy Cargo Hold. It makes consolidating my mats for crafting so much easier and makes me wonder how we did without them before.


However, I would like to suggest that the number of tabs available be increased from 5 to at least 7. My reasons are as follows:

1. Assuming that someone (like me) is a bit obsessive compulsive the current setup of 5 tabs allows for the following "categories" for each tab. Metals, Crystals, Bio, Blue/Purple mats, Bound to Legacy Items.

This worked before we added another rank of materials to the list. Previously there were 1-6 and 9 for a total of 7 ranks, with 8 rows that left the top open for overflow or for the required "Crafting Materials" that you have to get from a vendor or mission. Now that we have materials with level 11 that top row is gone, so overflow and Crafting Materials need a place to go, hence one more tab.

2. With many people buying cartel coins and collecting sets of gear it would be helpful to have a place to put them so that it did not matter which of your characters you were on if you were redeeming coins or buying from the GTN to finish a set. This would lead to another tab.

3. It would be nice to have a separate tab to be able to store and sort companion gifts so that it would be easier to get the most out of them. This would be best done by having their own tab.


I realize that not everyone will want to be or feel the need to be as organized in their bays as I feel I need to be. However, this suggestion would impact the game in such a minimal way and would relieve anxiety in those of us who do suffer from this issue. I hope you will consider this suggestion.



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