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Lightsaber combat forms and animations


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Not sure if this topic has had a massive thread build on it before, but to my knowledge we have...


Form I: Shii-Cho

Form III: Soresu

Form IV: Ataru

Form V: Shien

Form VII: Juyo


Since all these forms are so varied in mindset and application, don't you think we should have corresponding animations to fit?


EG: Vicious Slash, used by Sith Warriors, is a classic "Falling Avalanche" strike used by Form V.

When switching to Soresu, perhaps it should have a different animation, such as the one from the Jedi Knight? (The JK sort of waves the saber twice).


The point of this is that we can have a deeper immersion into lightsaber combat. Anyone who played the Jedi Outcast and/or Jedi Academy games will know about the forms used, the occasional saber-locks, and the overall skill required to use a particular form, at the particular time...or get killed by an enemy that knows how to use a lightsaber better than you do!


Yes, this would change how the Jedi/Sith classes work slightly, and might be hard to implement. But the lousiest thing I have ever seen is a Sith Warrior, Jugg, Rage vs Jedi Knight, Guardian, Focus, using the Exact same skills, in the exact same rotation, and it being a truly tedious and boring duel.


Any thoughts?

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Nice thought, but too many resources have just been sucked out of the game at this point. We're lucky to get half an expansion these days.



This. I too would love to see individual combat animations in regards to the different forms.. (Form II, fencing anyone?) but Gentle is right. Shadow of Revan was so shoestring they made it into one story under the guise of an "Alliance."

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