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Sith and Jedi Legacy Gear


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Every expansion so far has been heavily geared towards BH and Agent. There are literally only 2 sets of gear that can pass for Sith or Jedi. We need more sets that look like Jedi or Sith gear and not BH/Commando or Agent/Smuggler.


Lets take a look at each one and please keep in mind im referring to Reputation Vendors mainly:


Bounty Broker:

1. Bounty Tracker - Clearly made for BH or Smuggler/Gunfighter

2. Contract Hunter - BH



Confiscated Mercenary - Agent yet its on Pub side which doesnt really fit with any class over there.

Core Miner - BH/Commando

Makeb Assult - Agent or perhaps BH

Republic Protector - Commando



Czerka Executive - Agent

Czerka Security - BH


Galactic Solutions Industries

GSI Infiltration MKI - Agent/BH/Smuggler

GSI Tactical Assault MKI - BH/Commando


Gree Enclave:

Blue Scalene - Agent

Red Scalene - Agent

White Scalene - Agent


Imperial First Mobile Fleet/Republic Hyperspace Armada

Hyperspace Hotshot (Imp) - BH/Commando

Hyperspace Hotshot (Pub) - BH/Commando


Imperial Guard/Republican Fifth Assault Battalion (Section X)

Section Guardian (Imp) - BH maybe ok for sith but i dont think it looks sith

Section Guardian (Pub) - BH/Commando maybe but i dont think it looks sith


Kuat Drive Yards – Imperial Forward Command (Imp), Republic First Fleet (Pub)

KDY Shipwright - BH/Commando


Oricon – Dread Executioners (Imp), Strike Team Oricon (Pub)

Dread Host - BH/Commando

Hallowed Gothic - Sith/Jedi



Voss Ambassador - Sith/Jedi


Rakghoul Resurgence

THORN Dark Vector - Agent

THORN Epicenter - Agent


Rakghoul Pandemic

Imperial Containment Officer - BH/Commando

Republic Containment Officer - BH/Commando


Nar Shaddaa Nightlife

Kingpin - Smuggler


Chevin Grand Acquisitions Race

Sand People Bloodguard - BH


and now the brand new expansion



Headhunter - BH/Commando (more for BH imo)


Yavin 4

Shield Warden - BH/Agent/Commando


So as you can see out of almost 30 sets there are 2 that are designed to look good for Sith or Jedi. Now this is not to say people cant use any set but to look and feel like a Sith or Jedi and use Legacy Bound gear there are literally no options unless you use the Flashpoint gear for the Tattered sets, the Dreadseed from the Droid quest-line or the Legacy vendors which all look like crap.


Please change this and make some awesome looking Sith/Jedi sets!!

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Yes i totally agree we need more sith and jedi legacy gear......i was kind of disappointed that Bioware gave the current ultimate gear sets with legacy to pvpers with season 3. they should have at least put 2 sets on rishi and yavin because normally with planets they add 2 legacy sets and this time they didn't which isn't right because this was a paid expansion like makeb.
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