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Raiding Republic Side for Saturday and Sunday


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Would like to get an OPs team going for the republic side on Saturday and Sunday nights at about 10pm server time. These teams will consist of 8 man teams who can join to form 16 man teams if enough people participate. If you are interested please include your toon names and what spec they are. My toon names are as follow:

Juebei - DPS

Itchego - Tank

JonConnor - Tank

Kênshiro - Healer

Indianajones - Healer

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Hello im a veteran MMO player been playing MMOs for about 7 years now and been playing Swtor since launch and i am looking for a ops guild to run with at the exact times u listed!!!!

I would like to bring my Geared Ranged dps Assault Commando to your guild....i have cleared Ravagers and up to the 3rd boss in ToS i do about 4300 dps on a dummy and i have a mic

plz whisper the following characters if i am on plz




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