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This is going to get boring really fast - Lack of content for 60


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^^^ This.


I love this expac. I personally think it is well worth the $20.00 USD I spent. I have 3 60's and only one made it to Revan and the other two are just starting Yavin.


People will complain about anything and everything. Ill say it, Great job Bioware, thanks for the expac!


Yep. Still gearing up my first 60, and beginning to work on my Empire main. Most people that are complaining hit level 60 on all their toons the first day

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Not to mention the old content is still there...


I'm going to go out on a limb and assume there's plenty of people who haven't gotten through the old content in its entirety.


Here I am!!!

Yep, I have never experience any of the first Ops....have done most of the Flashpoints. No OPs.

Been subbed since launched.



Well the guild I launched with was PVP and that's what we did. Then 1.2 came out and the game dried up a bit and the guild died. Been hopping from guild to guild, but never enough folks on at a time to do an OP. Finally switched servers to a PVE server and life has been better.

Current guild is working recruiting to get enough folks on at a time to do an OP.


Anyways....point is, yes you are correct.

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I think the issue of content is valid, but not in the area of new content missing. The SoR has provided a nice story line and the group finder has limited access to other areas of the game.


While the level 60 Group Finder is clearly targeted at the new content, it has forgotten the old. While BioWare has said new content will be coming across new year. I think it would have been nice to include the old group finder content while we wait. Then once the new content has appeared, drop the old out of the finder.


Right now I feel that once I have complete the story there is not much to do while I wait for raiding groups.

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I think for the cost the expansion was a B. The story line kept me engaged which is why I reached max level so soon. Would I like more? Of course. BW has had this problem since SWTOR was released. The story is so good but takes a lot of time to create.


I am looking forward to playing again.


one of the other issues with this is the amount of experience you get when doing story mode games..


themepark style games always run like this as you level up fairly quickly and are presumed then to basically do other content like FPs and Ops and PvP.. which can take a bit to gear up for in the first place..


the alternative is of course like the old games were you grind for weeks on end gaining a little experience at a time till you finally say "I finally leveled"..

Though I do miss this kind of game at times the majority of players are not going to stay a full day in an old EQ grindfest game ..


The genre has changed, the worm has turned and so forth..

you have to take what you want in a game .. if you like it stay and help it grow .. If not moving on is sadly the usual alternative

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It's literally the beginning of a new tier. Of course there's not much right now. 3.0 officially opened today.


But they have content in game. Lvl 60s should be able to queue for 55HMs and Ops and the FA tacticals should also be available at 60. Not to mention KDY.

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Threads like this so soon after release make me laugh. There is plenty of content and stuff to do. I have 3 toons to 60 and I sitll only got ONE up TO the final Revan fight and have not done it yet as I heard it was buggy. So far I am TOO busy trying to make augments and kits for my Operative and my Power Tech.


Oh and I have to ask, did you space bar ANY of this new content? I did not on any of my toons and I filled at least 20 hour of play time. I still have to do my Operative class quest, the Mara class quest. and all of Yavin on three toons..


Oh and I play 3 hours a night and I played 13 hour on EACH Sat and Sunday and I still am not done. If you are done and finished with the expac you are doing something wrong...


I have not even stepped into an Operation or Hard Mode yet.

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