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Low level end game idea


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Here's a fresh idea you may want to think about. Low level end game


Currently end game is at max level which makes lower level gear and content utterly worthless and a waste of time for many players. So why not consider have tiers of end game content so players can progress more casually? Players can advance as far as their next tier and since there are no more training fees why not make advancing to the next tier purchasable with credits by those who want to advance? For example tier 1 would be 1-30 tier 2 would be 31-50 and tier 3 would be 50-60.


At levels 30 and 50 player level progression would stop unless the player purchased training for the next tier. But here's the catch, make it so players would want to stay in their current tier as long as possible without leveling to the next tier by creating end game content for that tier that is only accessible to those players in that tier.


What could be some examples of low level end game content? Unique crafting items only crafting masters of that tier have access to. Unique areas that are only accessible to for that tier such as farm able areas that may yield rare items that have immense value for all. Tier specific missions with tier specific loot that can be sold on the market for large sums of credits. Tier specific PVP and achievement titles. And anything else that would make lower level content worthwhile.


This system would address several problems in the SWTOR community, it intends to slow down the desire for players to want to progress to max level as fast as possible in order to play end game content and the trivialization of lower level in game content such as quests and gear.

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Weird, but kind of interesting... I'm curious now to see some comparisons to other MMOs. (Has anything tried to do something like this before?)


It would be interesting to see how something like that would go over with people, but it seems like it would be really awkward if it wasn't part of the overall design from the start.


I mean, if they had a chance to start over again from nothing (or somebody was just making a new game) and they decided to start out with this concept, then they could plan out these mid-game interludes in the breaking points between chapters in the main story. They could design content for on-planet and/or separate-zoned (preferably on-planet because it makes the map layout more interesting) dailies areas based on ALL leveling planets to help keep all planets lively. (This might make heroics on certain planets somewhat viable as part of this model as well?)


Although once a game was created that way, or once a system like that had been shoehorned awkwardly into an existing game, they could then move forward with future additions to the game by expanding the content in any and all of these interludes instead of only ever adding content at the top bracket.... But people would complain at being locked out of it on their characters already past that level range. (Which means that it would be ideal to keep at least one character sitting at each level cap at all times so you always have a character ready to jump into new content no matter where it's added.... rather than actually trying to complete their class storylines...)

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