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Exar Kun Styled Hairstyle, Shoto Lightsabers, Freedon Nadd Armor

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I would like to see an Exar Kun hairstyle for all male species, besides Twi'lek of course. There has already been a Qui-Gon Jinn hairstyle added and it too was a long hairstyle for males. What I would also like to see is shorter offhand lightsabers (Shoto), there is already longer blades, so why not make shorter ones, just like in KotOR. Lastly, I would like to see Freedon Nadd's armor added to the cartel market. Freedon Nadd is an important character in the Old Republic and has been featured in the Knight of the Old Republic games, as one example is that his lightsaber was in KotOR 2. You got Tulak Hord's armor, so why not add Freedon Nadd's?


Oh and just thought about another idea at the last moment, what about adding ancient Sith swords, such as swords from these ancient Sith Lords; Ludo Kressh, Naga Sadow, Ajunta Pall, and Marka Ragnos.

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