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Why does the new Combat/Carnage ability effective remove another ability?


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You're both missing the point. There were plenty of changes to be made to the level 1-55 abilities to accomplish this. In fact, they removed some abilities in the level 1-55 part of the game. But having our only active "new" ability in the post-55 game be basically just a passive bonus to damage on Blade Storm/Carnage with a different visual effect is extremely underwhelming. The other 2 post-55 abilities are passives. Basically, you're just giving 3 passives but giving the appearance of a new active ability due to different visual effects and the shared cooldown with Bladestorm/Force Scream which effectively removes that power from the game for the Combat/Carnage spec. (Other classes/specs may have similar issues, just using this one as an example as I held off on training other classes once I heard they were getting rid of training costs). If you're going to have 5 new levels and 3 "new" powers post-55 on a paid expansion, at least one of them should be an actual new, unique active ability. No matter how you paint it, Clashing Blast/Devastating Blast is really just a passive damage bonus to Blade Storm/Force Scream....and that's just lazy programming and development.


I get the point. I don't think you do.


They made changes to all dps specs in the game and each got new abilities. You seem to think for some reason that every class had the same number of abilities and same type of rotation and then also that each attack had the same proportion of damage to the overall dps so that when they added new abilities, they could make the new ones all hit for the exact same amount more so you could make the comparison that you are and then say all the new abilities they added to all classes are say 1000 dps higher then the ability they replace and there for all classes got an equal increase in that new ability.


Are you nuts. Thats not even close to how class balancing works. I'm not going to claim that classes are balanced, but they test that using more complex methods than making a blanket +500 damage to all the abilities classes get to replace other abilities.

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