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Flashpoint idea concerning loose end in agent story, and Lana [spoilers]


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I have touched on this on a thread on /r/swtor, but I think making an outlined proposal would be proper as well.


The following text includes spoilers from Shadow of Revan and the Agent story.


We know that Darth Jadus used to lead the Sphere of Imperial Intelligence on the Dark Council, and depending on the choices either he flees to exile as a outcast, or remains Dark Council member while retreating from the galaxy to counter the Emperor's life drain. If he remains a Dark Council member, you get to meet with his follower on Hoth, and can even turn in the Black Codex to his followers who then proceed to dominate Sith Intelligence.


In light of this, Lana Beniko taking over Sith Intelligence at the orders of Darth Marr is at worst contradictory for Jadus's interests. This is very problematic storywise, and I plea BW to resolve this.


It would be really good if you could bring back Jadus, and an option for it could be through an ops or a 192+ flashpoint. One option is to fight Jadus. We know that, at the end of the story:


1/ Jadus has fled to exile, after the Agent confronts him.

2/ Eradication Day happens, and then Jadus retreats from the galaxy to not be struck by the Emperor's ritual.

- if this happens, the Agent can hand him the Black Codex and serve as the Hand of Jadus within the new Sith Intelligence, which is ruled by Jadus with all the galaxy's secrets and filled with his followers.


In case (1), Lana can relocate Jadus to finish off a threat to the Empire, leading up to the fight against Jadus and his followers. Alternately, in (2), Jadus might attack Marr and the "new Empire" due to his overreach, which would again cause the players to fight Jadus.


Alternately, we know that Jadus was a character who abhorred the amount of politicking and waste in the Dark Council, and we know that he had contingency plans against the Emperor's ritual - through which he claimed he would emerge stronger. Hence we can have Jadus return to known space with a plan to counter the Emperor's plans. In case (1) this could lead to his pardoning, while no additional justification would be required in (2). The flashpoints/quest line would then involve serving Jadus and helping his plans. A twist with Jadus making a power grab at the throne (and players fighting him maybe) could also be included.


Jadus was one of the most interesting characters, and mentioned to be second in strength only to the Emperor in the story. Please do not let this go to waste, BW. If the voice actor refuses to work, you could circumvent this by making him act through heralds and followers, but please either re-involve Jadus in the storyline or tie up this loose end.

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