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SUGGESTION: Joint servers


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Hi, I have a suggestion that could solve multiple issues in SWTOR.


On some MMO's, you have the ability to choose a server every time you log in. ie. I remember runescape had a list of worlds (1-100ish) that you chose, then logged in to, and to change worlds you just logged out and chose another, and logged in again on the same character. I think this should be in SWTOR for a number of reasons:



A) When a server is full, people have to wait for ages to get on. I know they are trying to reduce waiting times, and this could be a solution. I see many 'light' server populations and many 'full' server populations, so If this system was implamented there would be virtualy no waiting lists.





B) My guild was assigned to a US server (Im British), So I can't play without a fair bit of lag (Some of the lag is my ISP, But most is distance as I can play on other UK based games and have a very low ping) The lag is not unbearable, but highly irritating at times. I don't want to abandon my guild, as I was one of the first members in the guild since its formation in march, and worked hard recruiting members. Plus If I did change server, I would lose my character and friends. If this was implamented, I could stay in the guild and have less lag.





C) People are allways saying 'Looking for a ... class for ... flashpoint/heroic' and repeating this for around half an hour. Example: A tank is looking for a healer for hammer station, and no healer turns up. On another server, A Healer is looking for a tank for hammer station, and no tanks turns up. With this, you could go to a diffrent server and team up.




D) If you had a friend in another country (Say, a relative in australia), you would have to create a whole new character to see them, and they would have to create a whole new character to see you, and face the worlds worst lag and not be able to do a flashpoint together, as one of them is lagging out at level 6 when the other is a level 50 PvP champion (and vice versa on the other server). With this they could meet half way (So they both have a little lag, but nothing major) and work together to win eternity vault, or play huttball, or whatever they want.





This would not involve every player crammed into 1 space, but allow mobility between servers for characters.





I know you have 8 characters per server at the moment, so maybe add more character slots and make them for all servers



With every idea there are down sides. If you think of any, please comment below, and if possible a solution. Thanks.


This would obviosuly be huge and fairly hard to implament, so I can only be hopeful.


P.S. If not, server transfers would be an idea, although again I would be abandoning my guild and friends :(

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