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Did they fix the bugs on GSF?


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Gold response in bug thread, so we should be seeing fixes soonish:




1.) What went wrong?

There was a code bug in 3.0 that broke how some of the abilities (such as Engine Suppression on EMP Missiles) check to see if the character has unlocked the required upgrade. This resulted in the character having the ability, the player using the ability but the ability not activating all effects because it didn't see the character having the upgrade.


2.) When can we expect a fix?

As of this moment the fix is slated for 3.0.1 but it hasn't gone through QA approval yet so if they find issues there is potential for a delay.


3.) Will the fix include just things that broke in 3.0 or all the stuff broken for the last 7 months?

The fix will just include the abilities that broke in 3.0 via this code bug. I will give updates on other GSF issues down the line as I have updates.


I apologize for this issue to all our flyboys and flygirls. Cheers! :csw_xwing:

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Just tested Warcarrier repair drones with shield restoration. It does not work.


How I tested:

- place repair drone.

- switch energy to weapons

- switch energy to shields (outer shield circle now black)

- constantly bump into satellite


Taking damage constantly prevents passive shield regeneration from kicking in and no matter how long I wait, the shields don't get repaired. Also the shield restoration buff is not showing while the hull-repair-buff is showing.

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Bumping this because I'm 99% sure the ammo refill option on repair drones is not working right now.


I was on the other side of this, because I had a few games where I ran warcarrier and was at 16 concs the whole game. But, I can't replicate: I never see the tier 3 repair probe talent doing anything at all.



We should probably head over to the bug report forum and start another pester campaign, because this was broken with 3.0 and never fixed.

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