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<CoU> recruiting players for new content raid progression


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Title says it all. Our high priority right now are tanks and healers. If you are a tank and/or healer, competent and know how to play your class, as well as; the DPS counterpart to them, please contact Toidi, Carmela or A'tremz. You must be at the current level cap of 60.


If you are a DPS looking to join a raid progression group, you can still contact any one of the names I just stated in the above paragraph. You must be a competent player, have your rotation down to near perfection and dish out high DPS numbers. We have skilled players within our guild that can help with rotations and other elements of your class to become more viable in Operations.


The guild <CoU> has been around for a very long time. We are a small group of players who are looking to evolve, strive and prosper, not just as a guild but as a community of players. We are pretty laid-back, not elitists and can perform exceptional through all aspects of PvE. We do have members who PvP "once in awhile". Our main focus are the PvE related elements of the game. Although we had our ups and downs with the current NiM Progression (5/5 NiM DF pre-3.0, 4/5 NiM DP pre-3.0, 5/5 NiM TFB pre-3.0), we can still clear and have cleared pre-3.0 HMs with ease during the first month of launches. :p


Our raiding schedule is normally Tuesdays and Thursdays or Mondays and Wednesdays at 9pm EST. Times and days may differ from groups. We also use Teamspeak and is required for all raiding purposes. If you are interested, contact any of these three players: Carmela, Toidi and/or A'tremz.

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