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Best solo PvE vanguard discipline (Shield specialist,Plasmatech,Tactics)


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Word on the street is that tactics is the one wearing the pants but I want to hear what everyone has to say about the new plasmatech and shield specialist in solo PvE.



Pros - Can almost global a tank its that bursty

Cons - Target swapping, über "global a tank" burst windows come every 120 seconds



Pros - easy AoE damage, lots of DoT spreading

Cons - Set up time


Shield Tech:

Pros - easy to survive, decent enough AoE damage options

Cons - Has far less damage than the other options


Personally, i'm actually using Plasmatech for dailies. Pulse Generator is awesome for killing tons of mobs easily (though Buffed MV does have its benefits...)

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Once you get past the set up time of plasmatech the damage is pretty lulzy, so ask yourself this: "Will my target survive long enough to justify the set up time? Can I melt all my targets with one flamethrower+immolate?" if the answer is yes to either then plasmatech is fantastic


Tactics can pretty much burst anything and everything down though, and you can use a 90% AoE rotation if needed.


And for solo PVE I've had good luck with running shield tech with dps gear (and shield), the damage isn't too horrendous, you get storm AND your super HTL, and you are significantly bulkier if you don't run with a healer comp.

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