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Archaeology Suggestion


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It may just be because of the boom of gathering nodes in this first week of expansion, but I've noticed that for archaeology, there's a huge discrepancy between color crystals and power crystals/artifact fragment nodes. Color crystals are not as useful as they once were thanks to the Cartel Market and so many weapon crystals and color dyes being released only there.


So my suggestion is this (numbers are hypothetical)...give Artifice and Synthweavers the ability to crush color crystals into a powder or residue type item. This could be done simply by allowing both crew skills to reverse engineer 5 color crystals at a time to give them the raw powder material, then just give both of them a schematic that lets them convert 5 of these powders into 1 power crystal and/or artifact fragment.


I know you can just be patient and wait for your companions to come back from missions with both power crystals and fragments, but the fact is that at least me personally...I have more color crystals than I know what to do with. And when I'm out farming up nodes, the only reason I pick up the color crystals is because the power crystal and fragment nodes have a chance to respawn where those old nodes were. This would make farming much more productive and would give players an incentive to grab every node they can find, rather than just picking through the chaff.

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