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More specifically, crits on Sliced Tech Part missions. Which is also where all the other augment schematics come from IIRC.




- the schematics are random but you are guaranteed a schematic with a crit.

- last expansion they had augments schematics for AM, AT, and SW (IIRC grades 23 and 25) at the trainers. basically bridging the gap between grade 22 (best for pre 2.0) and grade 28 (best for 2.0). But these schematics were little more than crafting skill leveling fodder because most players do not bother to augment until the level cap because it is an expense venture. Grade 28 (best for 2.0) were still acquired through slicing sliced parts missions.


Apparently this time around they forewent the "intermediate" augment grades.


My guess - pure speculation - was that in 2.0 they wanted the next augment slot kit number to match the grade of materials used (grade 9 and MK-9). So they dropped MK-7 and MK-8 slot kits and added grades 23 and 25 augments to fill those slot kits. This time around they came to the realization that the MK-# does not HAVE to match the grade #. So we have Grade 11 materials making MK-10 slot kits.

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