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How to pve?

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Hello guys, have an odd question.


I have been playing and leveling since the game began by PVP and only story line missions.


Pvp being so terribly limited in this game, I have lately been very bored with it. I would like to find out how most people level up WITHOUT having to do every completely terrible little side quest on each planet. Main reason I dislike pve in most games is the "kill 2 mil" and "fetch my lunch" missions.


Can it be a series of dailies + story line missions?


What is your program to progress your char through the middling levels up to end game?


I have 20 + alts so I would like to log into one, do 1-2 daily type missions, then switch chars. Is this possible through all level phases (L10-60)?


Thank you

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I also hate doing side quests, so I understand you completely on that point. In that matter, I noticed that you seem to be forgetting one very important thing for experiencing story in this game - that are Faction planetary quest chains. They also tell very big part of overarching story , are sometimes necessary to understand later parts and some of them are quite interesting.


They usually start at the spaceport or orbital station (talk to the the first guy you see, when you land on new planet or it's station, with the quest sign above his head) and it will start long story quest line that goes parallel to your class story on that planet.


When leveling new alts I usually just do class story, above mentioned planetary stories and a flashpoint or two when a new one becomes available and nothing else, etc absolutely no side quests ( I also hate doing them), and I never had a problem with XP. Of course remember to use XP boosts only while doing flashpoints and turning Daily and Weekly flashpoint rewards.


That's all. Cheers!

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