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Extremely Frustrated with some of the changes in the X-pac


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If it wasn't for a few things, this game would be perfect- or at least, as perfect as possible.


There's hardly any incentive to do group content, and there's a lack of it, too. I can no longer do level 50 or 55 HMs. The new HMs don't have very good rewards(Basic comms? Really?) and I'm no longer able to que for level 50 and 55 Operations. This ruins the game for me, as I loved guiding new 50s and assisting them in gearing up. I liked the sense of accomplishment when you got a good group of people in a HM 55. The removal of the ability for players to quickly que for the content they'd like to play will have a negative impact on the game.


The daily areas are also underwhelming and feel like a step backward from Oricon and CZ-198. They are time-consuming with little payoff.


The final boss fight is extremely buggy and not very fun. The large amount of CC and stuns used against the player is obnoxious.


I want to like this expansion, but its just frustrating sometimes.



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agree about queueing 50 and 55 flash points


hell they dont even have to give a daily reward or weekly reward

just allow us to queue them up


Personally while I do not hate the new flashpoints, I still think Athis, Mando Raiders, Foundry, Czerka (both) are far superior flash points content wise.


Let us queue those up

Dont need daily rewards and weekly rewards but just having group finder available for them makes a huge difference

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